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Life groups

Life Group is where people get together to connect with like-minded people, share and pray for each other and challenge each other to know Christ and to make Him known.
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At Xtreme Life Church, we believe that life groups are the life blood of the church -  a platform to grow friendships, share our hearts and really “do” life together.
We meet together once a week on a Tuesday.

The Creek Life Group

71 Maplin Drive

Tuesdays @ 17:30

Shandon: 079 544 8638

The Lagoon Life Group

8 Lagoon Terraces

Tuesdays @ 18:30

Sara: 071 342 4243

Zoom Life Group

Worldwide (Zoom)

Tuesdays @ 19:00

Mike: 071 846 7375

Contact us for more information...
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